How to Make Your Home Design Multi-Functional

Make Your Home Design Multi-Functional

Make Your Home Design Multi-Functional

Sure, you wouldn’t fit a 7-seater couch and a full entertainment center in your tiny NYC apartment anytime soon. But this doesn’t mean there’s no room for creativity in your modest abode.

With limited apartment space, multi-functionality is the best theme for all your home fittings.

And with some help from NYLoft, here’s how we can help you achieve exactly that!

Multi-Functional Features for Your NY Home

– Multi-Functional Dividers

You’ve got a lot of stuff for such a small place, and not a lot of space to put it in. Add some character and storage to the room by incorporating a room divider that also functions as a shelf. Not only will it make the room look bigger, it’ll also separate it from the rest of the house, thus giving you privacy, in addition to all that storage space.

– Stark White

Stark White

Instead of going for a dramatic theme with bold colors, choosing an overall white theme for your apartment’s color palette will not only open up the space, it’ll also reflect more light and make it look cleaner.

– Shelves


Shelves are always a space saver.

Install shelves on one wall of your home in a different pattern to add a bit of texture to the look. For all your books, knick-knacks and anything you have a larger quantity of, using the shelves for storage will only make things look cleaner.

But more than that, they’ll add structure and symmetry to your interior design, especially if you keep things color-coordinated.

– Concealed Closets

Dedicate a whole wall for just closet space. Use wood paneled doors to add color to your surroundings and store extra blankets, pillows, suitcases—whatever you don’t want out and about.

– Low-Lying Furniture

Low-Lying Furniture

Our usual selection of furniture takes up quite a bit of visual space when you think about it. Clear out the room and replace everything with low-lying furniture wherever possible. This’ll make the room feel less cluttered and bulky.

– Combined Spaces

Open-plan living is quite popular, and for good reason. Stretching out interior space creates a seamless flow, and gives a lot freedom in terms of design. Not to mention that with such open space, you get the chance to add some more features like a dedicated space for yoga or a reading nook.

And Much More!

Adding multi-functional elements to your home is easy if you know who to work with!

With NYLoft by your side, we’ll help you turn your home and interior design dreams into a reality.

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Choosing an Interior Design Theme for a Bachelor Pad

Interior Design Theme for a Bachelor Pad

Interior Design Theme for a Bachelor Pad

The term bachelor pad has gotten a bit of a bad rep over the years. Every time you hear the phrase, you picture black leather couches, a giant entertainment center, a fully-stocked bar but no actual personality in the setting.

In short, it looks like homes you see on magazine covers; nice to look at but not good enough to live in.

However, as a bachelor who indeed has a place to live in, you’re a bit confused as to how you should approach your pad’s interior décor. Should you live true to the tradition, or change things up?

With NYLoft, we can help you make the right decision!

How to Design Your Bachelor Apartment’s Home Décor

– Keep it Artsy

Keep it Artsy

You’ve got a taste for the finer things in life. Show off all that you’ve acquired. Express your eclectic personality by displaying your collections on the shelves or walls, and don’t be afraid to add bits from here and there. The thing about artsy themes is that they must have your personal touch added to the overall setting for it to look good.

– Go Simple

Go Simple

Not a fan of the stark black-white-red combination? Keep things simple. White walls, woodsy elements, blue textures, maybe a plant here and there. Or something completely opposite like black and white furniture with neutral elements and bleached wood walls. Choose a simple theme that suits your mood.

– Add Some Leather

Add Some Leather

Can’t have a bachelor pad without something leather! But if you’re afraid it might overdo the whole look, just choose one piece like a vintage leather armchair. Pair it with some contrasting throws and a side table to make it stand out.

– Make it Sleek

Make it Sleek

If you’re more of a minimalist, no-nonsense, no frills sort of guy, go with sleek surfaces throughout; concrete or dark wood floors, grey furniture, simple fittings and a claw-foot bathtub. You want your whole house to have that overall sophisticated, sharp look.

– Keep it Luxe

Keep it Luxe

Don’t go too simple if you’re sticking with the minimalist approach—your pad will come off as too cold and mundane. Balance it out with softer accents like a faux fur rug, a low bed, maybe a cozy chair by the fire. There’s no reason why you can’t make things look neat and sleek but comfortable and luxurious at the same time.

– Show off the Architecture

Show off the Architecture

Got a gorgeous apartment with great bones? Show it off by minimizing your furniture and adding colors that complement the house. You don’t want something vibrant and bold that’ll take the attention away from your home’s structure.

Are You Ready?

These above aren’t the only themes we have in mind! For more ideas on your bachelor pad’s remodeling, contact NYLoft!

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A Debate: Can Just a Paintjob Change Your Home’s Interior?

Can Just a Paintjob Change Your Home’s Interior

Can Just a Paintjob Change Your Home’s Interior Truth be told; yes, but there is a caveat.

When it comes to paintjobs, think of them as face lifts. You might paint your home a different color, but it really depends on what you do, how you do it and the quality of service that makes all the difference.

The Factor of Aesthetics

You have a full spectrum of color to play with when it comes to painting your home’s interior. However, there is a limit as to which color you should add to which room.

For example, when painting a small living room, using a dark color to paint all four walls will end up making your room look dingy and cramped. A nice pastel color or just simple white will make a world of difference.

In contrast, adding just plain white to a large room would make it look bare and boring, which is when a colorful hue would come in handy. Although you could balance it out by just adding a feature wall. Using a favorite color for that wall or one that goes with your home’s theme would tie the room together nicely.

Nevertheless, even with colors, you have to keep things balanced by contrasting your furniture and fixtures to the walls. You want your furniture to stand out, not blend it with the background.

Moving away from all this, if you’d rather just have a simple designed home, you could paint the crown moldings instead. This’ll make the room look more elegant, with a bow of color tying it all together.

Common Home Design Mistakes That Ruin The Appearance

Financing Your Home’s Makeover

When it comes to changing your home’s overall look a paintjob costs far less than renovations and remodels.

So even if you have a hefty budget, just opting for a paint job will leave you with a lot of money for other smaller changes you want to make, like basic millwork or renovations in your kitchen, bathroom and home interior. Not to mention that with such changes, you’ll add to your home’s overall value, one which can be improved upon and repaired, all without spending a large fortune.

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