A Hint of Nature: Adding Natural Elements and Greenery in Your New York Home

Adding Natural Elements and Greenery in Your New York Home

You’ve got a mean green thumb and gardening tools to make a plant lover proud. Unfortunately, the one thing you don’t have is a sense of proper interior design. This is probably why you’re worried that with your propensity to buy one too many plants and pots, your home might just end up looking like a greenhouse!

Never fear! Plants have always been a favorite, especially amongst the interior designers here at NYLoft. This is why we decided to give you some tips on how you should add that perfect element of greenery to your home!

· Be Simplistic, for Starters

Be Simplistic, for Starters

There’s no need to create a full sanctuary! A single plant or two will do, or even some natural features like tree bark or driftwood. If you haven’t got the time to take proper care of your plants, this would be the best option.

· Make it Pop

Make it Pop

Tone it down the surplus of green a bit by stripping your furniture of color and having it bleached white. The contrast of white and ivory against that eye-catching green will do just the trick to balance out that deep richness against the simple hue of white.

· Natural Motifs

Natural Motifs

Flowers and vines, trees and animals—you’ll find plenty of flora and fauna on pillows, artwork and fabrics. With fabrics, try to find watercolor designs on silk. This’ll add a wonderful facet of sophistication to the mix.

· Hang it

Hang it

Haven’t got much going on with the walls? Hang some nature-themed wall art or better; some hanging plants here and there with branches for that sharp, forked look!

· Modernize it

Modernize it

Here’s an idea for you if you don’t like too many plants peppered here and there: centerpiece terrariums! You’ll have plenty of plant choices and styles available for a good price. Tuck them in those blank areas and add some trinkets around to give it a modern edge.

· Show Your Love

Show Your Love

Not enough? If you’ve got enough time and energy, then go for it! Add indoor plants here and there, spreading them out about the apartment. But be sure to choose planters and pots that contrast or match the décor so it doesn’t look too out of place.

Redesign Your Home!

Got a piece of furniture that’s unfortunately clashing a bit too much with your plant collection? Make the switch!

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