Color Me Inspired! How to Choose the Right Color Theme for your Interior Design

While we’d all just love to take a color palette wheel and pick a shade at random that would suit our taste, choosing a color theme for our home interior is not as easy as that.

There are many factors that we have to take into account, our own taste being just one of them. From a design point of view, you have to make sure that your home’s color palette suits your mood, your pre-existing furniture, your budget and your living space.

And for that, here’s what you need to pick that perfect shade!

Seek Inspiration

This is where your boards on Pinterest come in handy! Social media platforms have a lot to offer in terms of color inspiration. Look at the floors, accessories, furnishings and more in the pictures, blogs and articles then bring it all in on your personal board. This’ll give you a basic ballpark on the style and color shades you need.

Make it Personal

Remember that duck-egg blue paint that you used to love in your grandma’s house? Add that as a feature wall in your kitchen design so you have an element of nostalgia in the mix. The great thing about being able to choose a color palette is just that, the action of choosing. So you basically have full rein on what you want your home to look like. And that’s an opportunity you cannot let go to waste.

Factor in the Architecture and Existing Interior

Of course, you can’t swap all your industrial style home furniture for something new now that you’ve chosen a violet and white palette!

Despite having the finances to do so, we still believe that’s a big waste, mainly because your home interior can provide you with a lot of inspiration as well.

Think of the flooring material, the cabinetry and the finishing of it all. Will your new color palette suit it all? Even more important, will it suit the space? Aim for a theme that doesn’t make your home setting look awkward.

Minimize Your Color Palette

Just the color blue has 19 different variations. And as much as you’d like to, you can’t stuff all 19 shades in one home. This is why you must be specific when choosing a shade.

Look at a color wheel and try to find a contrast, and throw a neutral color into the mix to give that combination more strength.

Want Some Help?

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