Worthy of a Chef’s Praise! How to Build the Perfect Functional Kitchen

The symmetry of muted, neutral color, the somewhat-sterile yet comforting aura of sleek stainless steel appliances, the gleam of a granite countertop – these are the feature that make a kitchen perfect.

However, we do not feel that such perfection and function — which is mostly seen in a professional’s kitchen — should not be limited to the culinary world though.

Despite not wanting to have a career in cooking, you can still have a kitchen that a professional chef would be proud of. After all, if you treasure cooking as much as the next gastronomy lover, you will want to have a worthy platform on which to practice your skills.

Ingredients for a Functional, Stylish Kitchen

– The Ideal Layout

Take a look at your existing kitchen layout. What do you have; a single wall, an island, a parallel, l-shaped or u-shaped? Are the hob, sink and fridge in a perfect triangle layout?

If that is the case, your best plan should be to make smaller adjustments, integrate technological devices and make the layout easier to maneuver through.

Otherwise, go with an easy open-plan layout to create an overall flow and combine the living space with the kitchen.

– Make it a Personal Design

Despite being the busiest of kitchens, you will never notice any added features, bits and bobs or too-bright splashes of color in a chef’s workspace. And that is because these features serve as distractions.

For a place that is set to be your area for inspiration, you’ll make better use of it if you stick to minimalist or contemporary designs, with clean lines and soft detailing. If needed, add a splashback but nothing more than that.

– Aim for Function with Kitchen Appliances

Built-in or freestanding, whichever appliances you need, make sure to invest in the latest model so that you don’t need to replace them years down the line.

Despite being a slightly more expensive than their older counterparts, these appliances will serve as investments, since you won’t have to keep having the older models repaired over and over again.

– Storage is Important

Regardless of what size your kitchen may be, there never can be too much storage in a cooking space. Built-in racks or open shelves or pull-out drawers, there are plenty of options to choose from.

With smaller spaces, make use of the walls and add tall shelves and trolleys. And add deeper drawers and cabinets for dry ingredients and cooking essentials like pots and pans.

– Remember the Lighting

Yes, lighting is indeed important for a kitchen. Aside from making it easier for you to cook, lighting — especially natural lighting — can add a lot in terms of kitchen design.

Adding a pendant light fixture or cluster will not only build the atmosphere, with the spotlight on one section of the kitchen, it’ll make the overall space look cozier.

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