Home Design 101: Get Started On Revamping Your New Home

Revamping Your New Home

Revamping Your New Home

It’s small, it’s cozy and at times you do wish you could move into some place bigger— but it’s your home and you love it.

No matter how much you love it, you would agree that you wish to change a few things about it. You would also agree that you’ve been holding off on these renovations for a while and it’s kind of been a while, years may be.

Why not get started and take things one step at a time?

Here’s how you start…

– Have a Look Around, Throw Away What’s Not Needed

This includes those 5 unused handbags you stuffed into the back of your wardrobe! If you truly want your home to look aesthetically pleasing and clean, you have to let go of things you don’t want or need. Wobbly furniture that needs fixing, old appliances which remind you of home, those reversible sequin throw pillows that don’t even have sequences anymore – either chuck them in the bin or donate to charity, your choice.

– Always Start with the Bedroom

Revamping Your New Home

Why? Because it’s where you spend most of your time! Start by investing in some good bedding, one with a high thread count. It’s a bit more money, but worth it. Next, have the walls painted and add some matching window treatments. If you suffer from sleep problems or are more of a night owl, get some blackout curtains. Otherwise breezy white drapes should be fine.

– Don’t go on a Spending Spree

Instead, wait a couple of months before you start looking for different items, and even then, don’t go nuts and buy it all in one day. The reason why we’re telling you is that how you wish to use your house and how you actually live might be quite different. You don’t want to end up with a love seat and a treasure chest that can’t be used and doesn’t even fit in the space you have.Don’t Match Too Much

– Don’t Match Too Much

You’ll be tempted, yes. But try not to put too much emphasis on designing your whole house to look like it’ll be photographed for an interior design magazine. This is a personal space, not a furniture showroom. Choose furnishings that speak to you, rather than what looks good. This is where your unique taste comes into play.

– Add Color into the Mix

Brush up on your color psychology and employ it to tie your room together. Make it a comfortable, cozy space and add splashes of vibrant colors here and there to give it some more energy. And don’t be afraid to change your upholstery to suit the theme.

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Increase Your Home’s Resale Value with these Important Home Renovation Projects!

Revamp the Entrance

Realistically speaking, you’re not looking to sell your house any time soon.

But this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do anything to improve its value. Sure, you’re thinking of it as a family abode that’ll nurture your future generations. But let’s face it, there may come a time when you’ll have to move out to another place.

Why not take the step right now and get going with that remodeling project? The changes you make might even help you get a sweet deal when you finally sell your place.

Here’s what you can do

1. Revamp the Entrance

Revamp the Entrance

Your front door makes all the difference! Yes, your old wooden door might have that traditional-style quality. But if you really want to add value to your home, you could start by swapping it for a steel door. They are safer, easy-to-maintain and are available in a number of styles; it will also add a lot to the curb appeal of your house.

2.  Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen Remodel


It’s all about having space. So if you’re kitchen doesn’t have any, make it. Remove any non-structural walls and open up the room. Instead of having a solid kitchen island, consider a movable one. Your kitchen must be as comfortable as possible. Therefore, focus on creating a smooth flow by taking out anything you don’t need.

3. Spiffy Bathroom

Spiffy Bathroom

The little things count! With bathroom renovations, you have the choice to either revamp it completely or go with some smaller improvements. Replacing faucets, getting a low-flush toilet, replacing clear glass with frosted glass, there’s so much you can do to give this small room character.

4. Eco-Centric Features

Eco-Centric Features

With the main focus on global warming, people are now turning to sustainable interior design trends to make their homes more eco-friendly. Installing large windows, adding plants for that pop of color, choosing durable materials for furniture, open plan living – these are just the basic steps you can follow to create a small footprint.

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Design Hacks to Make Your Tiny Kitchen Look TV-Show Ready!

Simple and Minimalist

Anyone who doesn’t believe in the joy of cooking has clearly never acted like they were cooking on a TV show, even if they were just making something as basic as macaroni and cheese!

But that is the process you follow, and you love it!

However, now that you’ve moved into your new home, you feel like your tiny kitchen just isn’t enough to hold your ambition of teaching your imaginary audience about cuisine.

But don’t worry, there are some ways you can expand that space and make it more aesthetically pleasing without putting a sledgehammer through the wall!

š Be Strategic with Storage

Be Strategic with Storage

Invest in a good quality pot rack and hang it above the island (if you have one) to open up some extra space. Next, if you don’t have as many cabinets as you need, buy some good quality shelves or ask a designer if adding a floating table to your kitchen would be possible.

Also, if you have some space above the existing cabinets, buy some wicker baskets and store the china you don’t frequently use above and out of sight. As for what’s on your shelves, try to color coordinate the mugs and bowls so there’s a sense of cohesion in the kitchen.

š Simple and Minimalist

Simple and Minimalist

Whether it’s the overall aesthetic or the hardware you use, being minimal and simplistic with your choices can go a long way.

With your kitchen theme, specifically color, don’t overwhelm the space with different vibrant colors. Instead, go with white. It’ll brighten the room and will sort of give you a blank canvas, so any colorful items you do add with pop against it.

As for hardware, go with panel-ready appliances. This’ll give the room a uniform, streamlined look.

š Star of the Show

Star of the Show

. Go big with the decorations and turn it into a jewelry box. Think marble countertops, shiny hob, statement lighting and brass hardware. If you don’t have the budget for all these changes, since choose a dramatic shade for your cabinets and add a high-gloss coating to it that extra shine.

Want to Turn these Ideas into a Reality?

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Going Au Naturel with Stone Countertops – Kitchen Edition

Stone Countertop Options for Contemporary Kitchens

Laminate is clearly not the option to go with. Not with the kind of ideas you have for your kitchen!

No, with the concept you have in mind for your most favorite room of the house, only the best countertop will suit. And the best – of course! – is natural stone.

It’s durable, it’s beautiful and it’s within your budget. And the fact that you could pretty much take something so exquisite and have it custom designed to fit your kitchen is just an added bonus! So without further ado, let’s dive in and see the options you can choose from!

Stone Countertop Options for Contemporary Kitchens


Stone Countertop Options for Contemporary Kitchens

This is a classic choice for kitchen countertops. Especially useful in busy kitchens, granite countertops serve as the best work surfaces for heavy-duty work mainly because they’re quite durable and resistant to damage, scratches and stains (though you’ll need to seal it for that to happen)

Available in a number of colors and patterns, you’ll probably have no trouble finding just the granite you need to tie the tone together.



Sumptuous and elegant, marble is a favorite amongst the rich and famous, synonymous with luxury as diamonds are, though thankfully more affordable. Although not as tough as granite, marble has its own strength, and is stain and scratch-resistant as well.

However, it does need some love every now and then, a polish here and some sealing there.



Not to be mistaken for its cousin Quartz, Quartzite stone is basically Mother Earth’s answer to our quest for a stronger-marble like stone. Chip, scratch and heat-resistant, quartzite is another popular option, mainly because of its marble-like lux pattern and added strength.

If you’re okay with having something that looks like marble but isn’t, then get yourself some quartzite.



Soapstone was originally used in medical laboratories because of its imperviousness to chemicals, temperature changes and resistance to stains and scorches. But it was its beauty that really helped soapstone makes its way into homes and commercial properties.

Soapstone also ages beautifully, making it one of the best options if you plan to live in your home permanently or .

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Keeping it Classic – Top Vintage Interior Design Trends of 2018

Natural Colors and Metals

Let’s get a fact right first; ‘vintage’ and ‘retro’ are two different styles altogether, so don’t get them mixed up!

Retro interior design embodies trends and styles from the past decades, going back, all the way to the roaring 20s. This design though, could be combined with some modernistic styles ala steampunk as well.

But with vintage interior design, you take elements from further back (all the way to the Victorian era), staying true to the construction and appearance.

So with vintage, you simply have a style in interior design that breathes new life in your living space by taking inspiration from days far gone by. And this year, here is what inspired designers from vintage trends!

Natural Colors and Metals

Think along the lines of a natural aesthetic! You have your pastel shades, all-natural materials and bold statement pieces to tie the room together. Add classic touches with vintage accessories such as solid wood coffee tables, floral prints, fur throws and rich, luscious pillows and you have a room that’s really vintage-inspired!

Natural Colors and Metals

Splashes of Color

Of course, you can’t have an all-pastel shaded room. You simply must have a brighter shade incorporated here and there to truly tie the bow on it. You could go with a classic choice of orange-and-purple, or turquoise. But for this year, avocado green reigns as the most popular shade.

Graphic Prints

Graphic Prints

Here’s where you can be a bit creative. You could add some funky shapes and geometric wallpaper, or take things back to the 1800s with some striking patterns along the lines of Victorian ballroom design. Whatever style you choose, you just have to be sure the pattern doesn’t overwhelm the overall aesthetic of the room.

Vintage Accessories

Old clocks, gilt mirrors, tarnished frames and industrial-style lamps – this is the time for your antique shopping purchases to shine! And a great consolation here is that whatever item you buy, doesn’t even have to be truly antique. DIY-ers have found many ways to give new objects that well-loved look we know so much.

Vintage Accessories

Unique Materials for Furniture

While staying true to the vintage design, many experts have incorporated their own touch to the style, by using furniture that’s made with unusual material. Lightwood furnishings, metal chair legs, lamps and tabletops, all cleverly disguised as vintage furniture.

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