Going Au Naturel with Stone Countertops – Kitchen Edition

Laminate is clearly not the option to go with. Not with the kind of ideas you have for your kitchen!

No, with the concept you have in mind for your most favorite room of the house, only the best countertop will suit. And the best – of course! – is natural stone.

It’s durable, it’s beautiful and it’s within your budget. And the fact that you could pretty much take something so exquisite and have it custom designed to fit your kitchen is just an added bonus! So without further ado, let’s dive in and see the options you can choose from!

Stone Countertop Options for Contemporary Kitchens


Stone Countertop Options for Contemporary Kitchens

This is a classic choice for kitchen countertops. Especially useful in busy kitchens, granite countertops serve as the best work surfaces for heavy-duty work mainly because they’re quite durable and resistant to damage, scratches and stains (though you’ll need to seal it for that to happen)

Available in a number of colors and patterns, you’ll probably have no trouble finding just the granite you need to tie the tone together.



Sumptuous and elegant, marble is a favorite amongst the rich and famous, synonymous with luxury as diamonds are, though thankfully more affordable. Although not as tough as granite, marble has its own strength, and is stain and scratch-resistant as well.

However, it does need some love every now and then, a polish here and some sealing there.



Not to be mistaken for its cousin Quartz, Quartzite stone is basically Mother Earth’s answer to our quest for a stronger-marble like stone. Chip, scratch and heat-resistant, quartzite is another popular option, mainly because of its marble-like lux pattern and added strength.

If you’re okay with having something that looks like marble but isn’t, then get yourself some quartzite.



Soapstone was originally used in medical laboratories because of its imperviousness to chemicals, temperature changes and resistance to stains and scorches. But it was its beauty that really helped soapstone makes its way into homes and commercial properties.

Soapstone also ages beautifully, making it one of the best options if you plan to live in your home permanently or .

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