It’s easy to recognize a bespoke quality in the pairing of materials and colours of this layout. The top is made from solid wood, the base units from a concrete-look Ares Valletta melamine finish, while the tall units and open shelving on the base unit feature an elegant minute herringbone pattern. The capacious wall-mounted tall units are finished off with open shelving on one end, which breaks up the unit’s otherwise solid form while also producing a colour-blocking effect.

A light hung low above the basin made from Cristalplant – an innovative material resembling natural stone – bathes the bathroom in a warm, seductive light.


Designed for the master en-suite, this twin-basin, twin- mirror arrangement features perfect symmetry: the vanity’s open shelving is positioned right in the middle and features a Sablé Ascari laminate finish reproducing the look of eucalyptus wood and a black lacquered glass top.

The two tall mirrors, produced exclusively for the Art catalogue, have a bronze-finish aluminium frame, matching the detailing on the vanity, as well as built-in LED lighting.

Both round bowl-shaped basins sit on the black lacquered glass top and are teamed with wall- mounted tapware.

The arrangement is even more sumptuous with the vanity in the ebony version, again paired with the black lacquered glass top.


Linear, practical and functional composition designed to provide plenty of drawer storage as well as a significant amount of counter space for immediate, versatile use. This bathroom furniture configuration extends horizontally to provide lots of room for setting down and stowing all your bits and bobs. The extremely simple circular mirror is enriched with a ring of LED-lit opaline glass.

Open shelving, a wall-mounted shelf and a towel rail make this vanity even more practical. The basin, which is semi-inset into the vanity, is made from Tecnoril®, a material that is unique in its density as well as being antiseptic and antibacterial, highly resistant, durable and repairable and unrivalled in its ability to bring out the whitest of whites