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Loft provides full service interior design and planning services for residential, commercial and multi-unit projects in all featured product lines.

Founded in 2002 by Iko Aviv and Ana Sternberg; with a high emphasis on contemporary, eco-centric, fashionable cabinetry and interiors; the firm has expanded and progressed their work scope with the introduction of custom millwork and cabinetry under the “Bazzéo by NYLoft” brand in 2007.

In early 2016 NYLoft, during ICFF, welcomed BINOVA, one of the most established high-quality Italian kitchen companies in the world of, to their lineup.

President and Owner


When Iko Aviv is asked about his work, a smile spreads across his face. “It’s that kind of love that words cannot express”, he declares.

His love for the art of carpentry and design ignited at the age of six, when he joined his father at his small carpentry shop in Tel Aviv, taking over projects that were probably, even physically, bigger than him.

It was always much more than livelihood. For that little boy he was, just as it is for the successful craftsman that he is today, working as a woodmaster carpenter has become his greatest passion.

To this day, in every project, whether it’s a design of the world’s greatest architects or a private client, the challenge and satisfaction are rekindled all over again. “In every home that I enter, in every project I take, I’m fully invested; committed and making sure I fill this significant gap between the ambitious vision and the satisfying result.”

A dream doesn’t become reality through magic. It takes sweat, determination and hard work. With his devotion and unique talent, Aviv’s journey in NYC and around the world quickly became a success as he led some of the most well-known and luxuries projects, and turned NYLoft to a familiar high-end brand.

Thanks to his love of form and ornaments combined with an attention to detail and craftsmanship that is extraordinary, he became the first American to ever win the exclusive Gaia award for product innovation.

With his years of experience, Iko understands the crucial significance of using the right materials. Therefore, NYLoft was the first to lead the custom-made eco-friendly kitchens in the US, and constantly introducing new and innovative materials to the industry.

Combined with the unparalleled techniques he developed throughout the years, the unique use of materials and the passion he brings to each project, every challenging design comes to life.

Aviv is splitting his time between his work with clients and his craft in NYLoft’s factory. There, he admits, once the saw is activated and the smell of sawdust is in the air, he returns to his passion, falls in love again and does not stop until the project is successfully completed.

CEO and Owner


For Ana Sternberg, any desirable design must primarily serve people.

Ana rigidly coordinates between any ambitious design and the practical details that turn vision into reality.

For over 20 years she’s been working alongside architects, interior designers and private clients with big dreams and thanks to her unparalleled experience, she is able to shape ideas into practical solutions.

Growing up in Israel, Ana has always been interested in design. She was fascinated by the magical ingredients that make or break a space, crafting innovative ideas for the best possible use.

After completing her Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch.) degree, Ana moved to New York and quickly became a well-known hospitality interior designer in Manhattan, with an increasingly significant role in the advocacy of design and architecture, with projects reflecting her extensive experience in creating luxurious and livable spaces, mastering the delicate balance between different needs.

With the unique concept implemented in NYLoft she was able to create an imperative platform through which, what the mind can conceive NYLoft can achieve.

Ana is proud of the deep friendships built with the clients, friendships that last long after the designs become reality.

“I let the client’s vision pave a new path to a journey we take together. Each design is what links creativity and innovation, as we shape ideas to become practical. From the right materials to the meticulous craft and original techniques. We consistently take that extra step to conquer that constant challenge between comfort and looks, practical and desirable”.


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