Chelsea Apartment

Designed by ODA

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Wood, in many ways, is like the breath of art.
As a natural material, wood is responsive to change.
There are many variables that will affect moisture and movement.
It contracts and expands with humidity. It lightens or darkens with sun exposure, retains a unique character due to its grains and knots.

Stone and metal share the wood’s unique qualities of earth-borne textures, but unlike the changing quality characteristics of the wood, stone, and metal preserve an inherent strength with the passing of time.

In this Flatiron apartment, wood, stone, and metal are merged to create contrasts of color, touch, and warmth, reflecting on the essence of daily rituals.

Floor-to-ceiling slabs of wood-grain marble where water slither, hexagonal weaved oak floors that knit open spaces, meticulously crafted brass handles.
This home is a collection of moments, detailed with the experience of lifetime mastery.
With precise cuts and elaborated compositions, it is the combination of materials and proportions. This alignment of pieces is turning this space into a home.

About Us

For NYLoft, the key to every sophisticated design captures the essence of the space as it is inhabited, mastering a method of translation between the ideal aspirations and the carpentry detail.

NYLoft is a fabrication shop that bridges the gap between paper and reality through their experienced craftsmanship and help architects and designers realize their projects. Our top interior designers in New York combine elegance and creativity, taking each project from concept through to completion with a personal, hands-on approach, making sure each project will reflect the client’s personality and aspirations.

So, if you’re in need of a home remodeling service, feel free to reach out to us.


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