Soho Loft

Designed by TACET Creations

Exposed iron columns and wood beams run through this family residence located in Soho.
A large dining table from a thick slab of oak, paired with a shiny dark cement island, custom-casted for space.

Reflecting on the character of the family, the island is an all-in-one device for cooking and hosting: two separated sinks for cooking and serving drinks, a built-in oven and a hanging glass tray that makes every daily routine much more efficient.

Steel and fumed oak veneer complemented with the dark grey concrete to create a furniture-like character of this piece of the kitchen.

In the dining side, a thin layer of concrete spans was added over the cabinet blocks. In order to create a functional space, compact storage was installed on neat Ikonni’s glass mate, attracting light into to the lofty space and underlines the geometry of the island.

About Us

For NYLoft, the key to every sophisticated design captures the essence of the space as it is inhabited, mastering a method of translation between the ideal aspirations and the carpentry detail.

NYLoft is a fabrication shop that bridges the gap between paper and reality through their experienced craftsmanship and help architects and designers realize their projects. Our top interior designers in New York combine elegance and creativity, taking each project from concept through to completion with a personal, hands-on approach, making sure each project will reflect the client’s personality and aspirations.

So, if you’re in need of a home remodeling service, feel free to reach out to us.


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