By Punto-Tre

Linear, practical and functional composition designed to provide plenty of drawer storage as well as a significant amount of counter space for immediate, versatile use. This bathroom furniture configuration extends horizontally to provide lots of room for setting down and stowing all your bits and bobs. The extremely simple circular mirror is enriched with a ring of LED-lit opaline glass.

Open shelving, a wall-mounted shelf and a towel rail make this vanity even more practical. The basin, which is semi-inset into the vanity, is made from Tecnoril®, a material that is unique in its density as well as being antiseptic and antibacterial, highly resistant, durable and repairable and unrivalled in its ability to bring out the whitest of whites

About Us

For NYLoft, the key to every sophisticated design captures the essence of the space as it is inhabited, mastering a method of translation between the ideal aspirations and the carpentry detail.

NYLoft is a fabrication shop that bridges the gap between paper and reality through their experienced craftsmanship and help architects and designers realize their projects. Our top interior designers in New York combine elegance and creativity, taking each project from concept through to completion with a personal, hands-on approach, making sure each project will reflect the client’s personality and aspirations.

So, if you’re in need of a home remodeling service, feel free to reach out to us.


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