Custom Millwork — The Underrated Star of Improved Home Design

Improved Home Design

No paint job or exquisite furnishing can add that look of sophistication to a room that custom millwork does!

In its own category of interior design altogether, millwork stands apart from other components of home décor. Think of it as the ribbon or that touch of elegance that just ties the room together perfectly.

But as with anything else, there is a caveat.

With something as permanent as this, the stakes are high. You have to get it right otherwise the architecture of your home will suffer.

Learning about Millwork

Learning about Millwork

Let’s look over certain components of millwork, starting with the types of wood that are used in the process.

While most homeowners seek design and aesthetics, what a professional considers is the strength of the wood, the rot resistance, softness and grain. So with most custom millwork, you’ll see some specific woods being used such as cherry, birch, walnut and white oak.

These options will give you a beautiful finish and a strong product.

Next, we focus on the level of detailing, which depends on the style of home you have, the project and the budget. For a highly detailed product, you’ll need a bigger budget. But if you’re fine with something simpler, you can always go with contemporary style millwork, which costs a lot less and involves less hand carving as well.

Adding Beauty and Character

Millwork offers more than just traditional woodwork. From crown moldings and wainscoting to custom cabinetry, millwork can be utilized to add character and beauty to just about any room of your house.

With NYLoft, we’ve created products such as built-in refrigerator cabinets, multi-functional cabinets, comprehensive media centers and storage, custom library and home offices as well as bathroom vanities for a number of clients. And from traditional millwork to minimalist creations, we’ve made sure that all lend a certain level of quality and beauty to the house.

Adding Beauty and Character

Hiring a Service Today!

Keep in mind, custom millwork isn’t just for luxury homes in the suburbs!

Thanks to designers working hard to integrate traditional designs in urban settings, custom millwork is rapidly gaining traction in city homes as well.

So if you’re in NYC and are looking to give your home an upgrade; call NYLoft and ask about the millwork we offer. As a full-service firm in interior design and planning, we have the experts and the products you need.

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