Design Hacks to Make Your Tiny Kitchen Look TV-Show Ready!

Anyone who doesn’t believe in the joy of cooking has clearly never acted like they were cooking on a TV show, even if they were just making something as basic as macaroni and cheese!

But that is the process you follow, and you love it!

However, now that you’ve moved into your new home, you feel like your tiny kitchen just isn’t enough to hold your ambition of teaching your imaginary audience about cuisine.

But don’t worry, there are some ways you can expand that space and make it more aesthetically pleasing without putting a sledgehammer through the wall!

š Be Strategic with Storage

Be Strategic with Storage

Invest in a good quality pot rack and hang it above the island (if you have one) to open up some extra space. Next, if you don’t have as many cabinets as you need, buy some good quality shelves or ask a designer if adding a floating table to your kitchen would be possible.

Also, if you have some space above the existing cabinets, buy some wicker baskets and store the china you don’t frequently use above and out of sight. As for what’s on your shelves, try to color coordinate the mugs and bowls so there’s a sense of cohesion in the kitchen.

š Simple and Minimalist

Simple and Minimalist

Whether it’s the overall aesthetic or the hardware you use, being minimal and simplistic with your choices can go a long way.

With your kitchen theme, specifically color, don’t overwhelm the space with different vibrant colors. Instead, go with white. It’ll brighten the room and will sort of give you a blank canvas, so any colorful items you do add with pop against it.

As for hardware, go with panel-ready appliances. This’ll give the room a uniform, streamlined look.

š Star of the Show

Star of the Show

. Go big with the decorations and turn it into a jewelry box. Think marble countertops, shiny hob, statement lighting and brass hardware. If you don’t have the budget for all these changes, since choose a dramatic shade for your cabinets and add a high-gloss coating to it that extra shine.

Want to Turn these Ideas into a Reality?

This is just the start!

With our experienced architects and designers on the job, you’ll have even more fun kitchen interior design concepts to play with. So contact NYLoft today. Share your ideas with us and let’s brainstorm about what your tiny kitchen really needs!