DIY or Bust! Should You Call a Bathroom Contractor for a Re-Tiling Project?

Very much in the way that Joey Tribbiani’s DIY endeavors came back to bite him in the hit TV series, F.R.I.E.N.D.S, you don’t want to start re-tiling your bathroom floor yourself, only to realize that you’ve taken on more than you can handle.

But even if you were to hire a bathroom remodeling contractor, isn’t this too small a task for them? What if they charge a lot upfront or make unnecessary changes to nickel-and-dime you?

NYLoft is here to answer all your questions and more!

Hiring a Bathroom ContractorBenefits and Advantages

It Costs Less

In the long run, professional bathroom retiling is an investment. Basic bathroom retiling can cost up to $1,500. But that’s before you notice the numerous other damages here and there.

Before a contractor gives you a final quote, they inspect your bathroom first to make sure that there are no added repairs to be made. This is important because while slight damage doesn’t seem significant, it can lead to bigger expenses in the future. Having someone with a keen eye onboard right now can actually help you keep costs down by having these slight repairs taken care of immediately.

It Takes Less Time

Unless you’re a well-organized hard worker with the eye of a tiger, you won’t finish this project in a month. Aside from added costs and unexpected delays, another factor that may affect your timeline is the work itself. Re-tiling a bathroom is not easy.

But if you hire a professional contractor, they’ll do everything they can to stick to the deadline. In addition to taking care of any framing installations (toilets, showers), your contractor will also have no trouble working around your schedule and giving you the results you need.

It’s Less Work if the Tile is Unique

Installing vinyl planks is child’s play. Installing porcelain or ceramic tiles in intricate patterns to match your bathroom’s esthetic is not.

Especially with large spaces, re-tiling bathrooms can get difficult if you have very detailed specifications. And though it doesn’t take long for a DIY amateur to learn how to retile a bathroom, it can take time to learn about dimensions, patterns, and organization. You don’t want to end up ripping out all the tiles out because one tile shifted the rest out-of-place.

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