Home Design 101: Get Started On Revamping Your New Home

Revamping Your New Home

It’s small, it’s cozy and at times you do wish you could move into some place bigger— but it’s your home and you love it.

No matter how much you love it, you would agree that you wish to change a few things about it. You would also agree that you’ve been holding off on these renovations for a while and it’s kind of been a while, years may be.

Why not get started and take things one step at a time?

Here’s how you start…

– Have a Look Around, Throw Away What’s Not Needed

This includes those 5 unused handbags you stuffed into the back of your wardrobe! If you truly want your home to look aesthetically pleasing and clean, you have to let go of things you don’t want or need. Wobbly furniture that needs fixing, old appliances which remind you of home, those reversible sequin throw pillows that don’t even have sequences anymore – either chuck them in the bin or donate to charity, your choice.

– Always Start with the Bedroom

Revamping Your New Home

Why? Because it’s where you spend most of your time! Start by investing in some good bedding, one with a high thread count. It’s a bit more money, but worth it. Next, have the walls painted and add some matching window treatments. If you suffer from sleep problems or are more of a night owl, get some blackout curtains. Otherwise breezy white drapes should be fine.

– Don’t go on a Spending Spree

Instead, wait a couple of months before you start looking for different items, and even then, don’t go nuts and buy it all in one day. The reason why we’re telling you is that how you wish to use your house and how you actually live might be quite different. You don’t want to end up with a love seat and a treasure chest that can’t be used and doesn’t even fit in the space you have.Don’t Match Too Much

– Don’t Match Too Much

You’ll be tempted, yes. But try not to put too much emphasis on designing your whole house to look like it’ll be photographed for an interior design magazine. This is a personal space, not a furniture showroom. Choose furnishings that speak to you, rather than what looks good. This is where your unique taste comes into play.

– Add Color into the Mix

Brush up on your color psychology and employ it to tie your room together. Make it a comfortable, cozy space and add splashes of vibrant colors here and there to give it some more energy. And don’t be afraid to change your upholstery to suit the theme.

Call in the Experts!

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