Keeping it Classic – Top Vintage Interior Design Trends of 2018

Let’s get a fact right first; ‘vintage’ and ‘retro’ are two different styles altogether, so don’t get them mixed up!

Retro interior design embodies trends and styles from the past decades, going back, all the way to the roaring 20s. This design though, could be combined with some modernistic styles ala steampunk as well.

But with vintage interior design, you take elements from further back (all the way to the Victorian era), staying true to the construction and appearance.

So with vintage, you simply have a style in interior design that breathes new life in your living space by taking inspiration from days far gone by. And this year, here is what inspired designers from vintage trends!

Natural Colors and Metals

Think along the lines of a natural aesthetic! You have your pastel shades, all-natural materials and bold statement pieces to tie the room together. Add classic touches with vintage accessories such as solid wood coffee tables, floral prints, fur throws and rich, luscious pillows and you have a room that’s really vintage-inspired!

Natural Colors and Metals

Splashes of Color

Of course, you can’t have an all-pastel shaded room. You simply must have a brighter shade incorporated here and there to truly tie the bow on it. You could go with a classic choice of orange-and-purple, or turquoise. But for this year, avocado green reigns as the most popular shade.

Graphic Prints

Graphic Prints

Here’s where you can be a bit creative. You could add some funky shapes and geometric wallpaper, or take things back to the 1800s with some striking patterns along the lines of Victorian ballroom design. Whatever style you choose, you just have to be sure the pattern doesn’t overwhelm the overall aesthetic of the room.

Vintage Accessories

Old clocks, gilt mirrors, tarnished frames and industrial-style lamps – this is the time for your antique shopping purchases to shine! And a great consolation here is that whatever item you buy, doesn’t even have to be truly antique. DIY-ers have found many ways to give new objects that well-loved look we know so much.

Vintage Accessories

Unique Materials for Furniture

While staying true to the vintage design, many experts have incorporated their own touch to the style, by using furniture that’s made with unusual material. Lightwood furnishings, metal chair legs, lamps and tabletops, all cleverly disguised as vintage furniture.

Give Your Home that Vintage Touch!

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