Natural Stone Walls – Is it Possible?

Natural Stone Walls

In a word; yes!

Natural stone for vertical surfaces isn’t exactly a new idea. But it’s still quite dramatic, which is why it’s so popular to this day.

Originally used for flooring and additional detailing, natural stone made its way into wall interior design because more affluent households wanted to add something new to the mix, something that would speak of the luxury that only naturally-obtained stone can offer. As such, we saw marble being used quite excessively, for pillars and beams, showstopper feature walls and more.

In present times though, natural stone isn’t used as much for vertical surfaces. Instead, it is given the star treatment and is utilized for its eye-catching beauty. With a natural stone wall in the room, its luxury isn’t overindulged in. It is presented elegantly, efficiently!

The Understated Beauty of Natural Stone Walls

Stepping away from its aesthetic value, a reason why natural stone is so loved is because of its durability, and reliability in design. From an investment standpoint, natural stone – good quality natural stone – is perhaps one of the most valuable materials you could add to your home. If well-taken care of, natural stone doesn’t lose its beauty with time or its strength, or for that matter, its value.

This however, cannot be said for any component of interior décor.

Beauty of Natural Stone Walls

Which Stone can be used for Interior Décor?

Typically, you’ll see a lot of marble, fieldstone, limestone and brick used for walls. Marble is quite luxurious (and pricey), but it’s also extremely durable and scratch-free. So if you’re thinking of adding a natural stone wall as a long term solution, marble should be your only choice.

Nevertheless, if you want to add a more home-y, cozy look, we’d recommend fieldstone. Available in slabs and in natural bricks, fieldstone has a warm look that’s quite favored by interior designers. Other options you could go with include brick and terrazzo.

Basic Tips before Choosing Your Stone

Here’s what you need to remember:

  • Use the veins in natural stone to create a seamless look. Ask your designer to search for larger slabs of stone from the same vendor.
  • Add color. Never be afraid to go for the bolder choice. Go for contrasts or comparable colors. If you can’t find the exact shade of stone, search for stone that has the same color (or close to) details.
  • Incorporate remnants. Add different shapes and textures to give your walls a unique look.

Choosing Your Stone

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