Save Big With These Bathroom Renovation Ideas!

According to a 2018 report, 25% of homeowners will be spending on bathroom renovations this year. However, these renovations aren’t always exactly easy on the budget and can be a cause of concern for homeowners wishing to redesign their space.

With these budget-friendly remodeling tips, you can go ahead with your project without it costing you an arm and a leg!

Keep the Initial Bathroom Layout

By keeping your original layout intact, you don’t have to move around major plumbing pipes or drainage lines. The toilet, sink, shower, water taps, and bathtub can stay in their initial places after you’re through with the remodeling work.

Since resizing or altering bathrooms is a significantly expensive project, by avoiding doing this will not only save you a great chunk of your budget but also prevent you from going from a lot of rearranging you’d otherwise have to make. Keeping your plumbing intact will also give you room to spend more on other important remodeling fixtures, such as cabinetry, bathroom accessories, or light installation.

Utilize Your Window ledges

If you have inward windowsills, then this is a great way to use them as storage space and save up on your remodeling costs. You can also add a ledge to the windowsills for increased shelving space. This way, you won’t have to invest in bathroom cabinets at all, and can simply use the window ledges to store your shampoo, air freshener, and other essential tools.

Installing bathroom cabinets can be quite costly and also take up a lot of wall space. With window ledges paired with a couple of open shelves or hangings, you’ll be saving on your money as well as your space, making your bathroom look larger than it is. Just make sure you’re using a material that won’t be damaged by water exposure.

Frame Your Mirror

Make your bathroom mirror a focal point by framing it. Doing so helps hide any worn out or rough edges and protects them from being damaged because of exposure. This way, instead of investing in a brand new mirror, you can simply cover up these imperfections by framing your existing one.


Framed mirrors also make for a fancier bathroom appearance. You’ll be creating an elegant look and making your mirrors more durable while also saving your budget!

At NYLoft, we work closely with interior designers and home decorators to help homeowners achieve their renovation goals in a budget-friendly way. Providing expert craftsmanship and consultation, we can help you with all your bathroom remodeling needs!

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