3 Kitchen Remodeling Trends to Watch Out For This Year

Planning on having your kitchen remodeled this year? Don’t settle for design ideas that have fizzled out and will give your kitchen an old fashioned look! With these 3 remodeling trends, you can create a beautiful kitchen space for your home while keeping up with the latest styles.

Moody Hues & Palettes

While an all-white tone for kitchens has a timeless appeal, it’s time you try something new. The trend is slowly dying as more and more homeowners and home designers shift to moodier color palettes for their kitchens.

To give your room a more intoxicating and alluring vibe, opt for darker and/or vibrant tones. For instance, you can brighten up the area with a vivid yellow or deep blue color scheme. This can be used for just the backsplash, or be incorporated throughout the kitchen for an even more enhanced effect. Similarly, you can choose forest green or terracotta for an earthier look.

2019 is all about evoking positivity through colors, and moodier hues create a more nuanced look than plain old white does. Be bold and dramatic with your kitchen’s color scheme and give the space elevated energy!

Colored Upholstery & Cabinetry

Another kitchen remodeling trend that has been making waves this year is using an accent color for one or more elements in the room. More specifically, colored kitchen cabinets and upholstery have been a popular choice of design in 2019, and the trend won’t be dying out any time soon given the demand for kitchen cabinetry.

This is especially useful for those who don’t want to part ways with white walls and countertops just yet. Having accent color elements in your otherwise white or monochromatic kitchen is just the way to give the room a whole new vibe and energy. You can incorporate blue counter stools, bright-colored cabinets, patterned blinds or shades, and vibrant kitchen décor to add some color to your kitchen. These elements will make a statement and shape the ambience of your room.

Matte Black Finish

2019 seems to be all about erasing white out from kitchens. Another trend that has been popular this year and has successfully done away with all-white kitchens is striking matte black finishes.

From incorporating it in windows and sinks to the entire kitchen, this finishing choice has given competition to stainless steel finishing. Encouraging homeowners to be bold with their color scheme choices, the matte black finish is applicable to hardware pieces, cabinetry, fixtures, ovens, refrigerators, and even appliances!

The slickness of the matte touch gives the kitchen a classy appearance, and also resists smudges and fingerprints on the surfaces. Pairing well with brick, stone, and wood, this remodeling is both attractive as well as easier to maintain.

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