A Splash of Color: Incorporating Vibrancy in Your Monochrome Apartment

Black and white might be quite appealing on paper. However, you have to remember that they’re starkly contrasting colors, which when applied in interior design, can come off as cold, sharp and a bit too sterile. This is why designers often add a third (or more) shade, perhaps some showstopper decorations to give the combo a bit more character and personal edge.

How Designers Add Balance in Monochrome Spaces

· Add a Feature Wall

Add a Feature Wall

And no, it doesn’t necessarily need to be red! Features walls tie the whole room together by adding that wonderful splash of color that becomes the focal point of the space. You could indeed go with a contrasting, bold color, but there’s no problem if you want to choose a subtle, soft tone either.

· Incorporate Some Foliage

Incorporate Some Foliage

Flowers, plants, the odd cactus or two—there’s nothing better than a pop of green to bring that black-and-white to life. If you’ve got a green thumb, there are plenty of indoor plants you can add to your living space. Otherwise just go nuts with some artificial flowers and plants!

· Add a Lamp

Add a Lamp

A colorful, whimsical one to be precise! You’ll find plenty of lamps online but if you’d rather go with something ornate, choose an antique lamp with ribbons and beads. Otherwise add a minimalist lamp to the setting.

· Color from the Ground Up

Color from the Ground Up

Carpets and rugs add texture to the room so incorporate some small ones here and there, under a coffee table, or in front of a chair. Use interesting abstract themes and be sure to follow the overall tone of the room so the rug doesn’t look like it was just added without thought.

· Be Artsy

Be Artsy

You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on art masterpieces. Instead, seek smaller artists and frame their work in elaborate frames. Or add tapestries or wall hangings.

· Get Creative

Get Creative

It’s the little things that count! Instead of going big, incorporate small, decorative objects. Stick with pastel colors and grays, especially for your bedrooms and bathrooms. This’ll add a wonderful special touch.

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