Happy Mind, Happy Home—Using Color Psychology for Your Space

Using Color Psychology for Your Space

Your home is your Eden’ is something you must have heard or read a dozen times before. But have you ever stopped to wonder what this statement actually entails?

From a design point of view, we know it means that your home is beautiful, perfect and aesthetically pleasing, mostly because it is designed according to your taste.

However, from a personal point of view, you could say that your home is the one place in your sphere where you can go and feel at peace, emotionally speaking.

As such, when it comes to decorating such a space, it’s crucial that you take all design aspects into account, starting with the basic: color!

Using Color to Create a Healthy Home

Color is more than just an element to support your aesthetic. It is a language, a universal method of expressing one’s emotions, likes and dislikes. In case of interior design, color is the best tool one can use to create a space that truly embodies their taste.

For those new to this concept, here is some information on how they can use color to create an emotionally, mentally-calming space.

¬ Adding Space through Color

Interior designers mostly use brighter colors to open up small spaces. Especially in New York homes, we often see colors like mood blues, turquoise, grays and mint green, even some neon yellow thrown in. The aim is to add a bit of flavor, some vibrancy to the mix to give the illusion that the area can be decorated creatively.

¬ Boosting Intellect through Complex Colors

Complex colors like emerald green, forest yellow, burgundy red and ink-blue—all of these appeal to the more intelligent individuals. For creative study spaces, always go with colors that help you focus and inspire your imagination.

¬ Using Nostalgia for Comfort

Remember the duck-egg blue walls from your grandma’s apartment? Use the same color to paint the walls in your living room. According to color consultants, using familiar colors from one’s childhood reminds them of happier times, and brings back more positive memories.

¬ Calm and Relaxed

Aside from white, designers often use pastels or relaxing shades in bedrooms and bathrooms to create relaxing atmospheres. Since these are your comfort zones, it’s best to stick to blue, green and lavender shades to let your senses relax.


¬ Following Nature

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Nature themes are quite popular in interior décor, mainly because they use the best color combinations. Nature by itself can be quite soothing for the senses. So if all else fails, it’s best to just use nature as your inspiration.

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