Building a Hobby Corner: What You Need to Do

You spend your adult life working hard and playing hard. But with all this busy-ness of your schedule, there needs to be a time in your life where you can disconnect from everything and just dedicate your time to a hobby that makes you happy.

It could be sculpting, painting or stamp collecting — whatever your hobby may be; it deserves to have small nook in your home.

And here’s what you need to build it!

The Basics of Making a Hobby Corner

Choose the Perfect Space

For starters, don’t choose a room that directly opens up to a busy road. Don’t want the sound of traffic to distract and annoy you when inspiration strikes!

Instead, choose a room that’s deeper in the house and has a good amount of lighting. You want this space to be private and not the first room right beside the front door.

Remember; it’s a nook, your inner sanctuary, it’s a private space that should be kept separate from the rest of the house.

Have a Large Work Station

A large workspace is crucial. You don’t necessarily need to have a hangar dedicated to the craft, but a big enough room, one that allows ample storage, space for a hefty work table as well as an area for floating shelves and a side table.

Give it a Look

Bland walls will just not do for the creative souls! When it comes to making your hobby corner unique, the best thing to do is add some personality to it. A splash of color, perhaps some items for inspiration hung here and there! A hobby corner is the one place in your home where you can go all out with the décor!

Allow Room for Growth

And by that, we mean it literally and figuratively! Let’s say you have a small garden that you’ve turned into a personal art gallery. With time, as you create more art, you will want to have more space, not just for showing off your work but for storing it too. Allow enough space to be leftover so you can add some tables or shelving as the time goes on.

Want our Help?

When it comes to something as personal as a hobby corner, you need the best service in the business to help you accomplish its design.

NYLoft is a full-service firm in New York that offers interior design work as well as cabinetry and woodworking. Consult with us today about your hobby corner and bring in an expert home remodeling service to give you a room that’s designed specially to comfort and inspire your creative senses!