Nuts for Nature — Can You Make Your Home Eco-Friendly?

Given that we live in the 21st century, we already have a lot of information on the state of our environment and the contributions from mankind that have led it to such a concerning state.

And that’s why it’s even more important now, that we make our homes as eco-friendly as possible, so that we can begin to repair the damage we have done to the planet.

But with the many options for sustainable living already available, there is an issue here that is hindering many people from converting their homes into eco-friendly abodes; they don’t know where to start or how expensive it might be!

So let’s fill in those blanks, shall we!

The Right Way of Making Your Home Eco-Friendly

– Make Use of Natural Light

Esthetic value aside, the reason why large open windows and natural light have become so popular in the modern era is because of the eco-friendly factor. Large windows let in more light, so homeowners don’t rely on electricity as much. It helps that this light contributes to our health as well so it’s a win-win situation on all counts.

– Install Smart Meters

Advanced technological features such as smart meters can be used to control electricity, heating and security. These meters have a timed mechanism that helps you control when these facilities would be running. So not only do you save energy for days when you’re not using them, you get to save money as well.

– Install Solar Panels

According to The New York Times, the use of solar panels for residential projects has risen from 186 in 2011 to around 5300 with more than 1900 in the pipeline, and that was just the latest record from 2016. Three years down the line, this number is only expected to increase. So why not get yourself in on the action as well?

– Focus on Making Your Home Eco-Centric

Companies such as NYLoft offer eco-centric, fashionable cabinetry and other elements related to home interiors, so you should have no problem converting your home setting into an eco-friendly one. Given that eco-centric furniture and interiors are not only better for the environment but better for health, choosing such an alternative for your home should be a no-brainer!

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