What to Expect from Your First Home Remodel

The contract is signed and the team is set to arrive. You’ve booked NYLoft for a home remodeling project and you’re feeling positively giddy with anticipation.

Once the project gets underway, you’ll feel more assured that you’re on the right path. But what should you expect in the initial days? Given that this is your first time, you’re right to feel a little clueless about the whole endeavor.

Not to worry! NYLoft is here to give you the gist on everything there is to expect.

The Home Remodeling Journey—A Story

– You May Feel Uprooted

Your home is getting a complete overhaul. You can’t really expect to live peacefully with all the activity that’s going around. The sounds of sawing and hammering all day, sawdust flying around, the heavy foot traffic and the ensuing dust! Your life will be disrupted, which is why we usually recommend that our clients find a separate space to live in while the work is going on. It’s much better anyway, since you’ll get a nice, satisfying surprise when you see the finished product.

– Changes Should Be Expected

The only time you should feel guilty about demanding a change is when the project is completely finished and you want something different on a whim. Otherwise, if there’s anything you want altered in the blueprints, you can still talk to your contractor about it. Often, the team itself might recommend a change if the original plan isn’t compatible. If this change results in a slight delay, take it in stride.

– You Might Go Over-Budget

Your contractor will try their hardest to make sure this doesn’t happen. However, unexpected costs may end up adding to your budget. In this situation, we wouldn’t recommend that you cut corners. Not because we have any ulterior motive (we don’t!), but because in the long run, this decision may come back to haunt you if there’s any increased damage.

– There May Be Some Exterior Wear-and-Tear

Not too major, but your outdoor might get damaged because of the increased foot traffic. Also, since this is a major remodel, you will need to bring in a large trash dumpster for all the debris you’ll collect from the remodel. As such, if you have any plans to remodel the outdoors and add a gorgeous patio as well, we’d suggest that you have that done after your home has been remodeled.

Talk to Us if You Have any Questions!

If you’re feeling intimidated about this, talk to us!

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