The Classic Shade of Gray: An Interior Designer’s Opinion

For an interior designer (especially one based in NYC), gray is more than just a secondary shade of color that’s kind of boring and a little too serious.

On par with royal blue, gray is perhaps one of the most popular shades ever to be used in interior design. Taking the classiness of white with the sophistication of black, gray is an amalgamation of their best qualities.

Only, the world can’t see it.

But there is a reason why!

Gray for long has been regarded as a conservative (read: boring) color because it is often used in professional settings. For example, you might notice gray as the primary colors in boardrooms, conference rooms and in any workplace that requires you to have a neutral, reserve approach (law offices etc).

So using such a shade in a residential setting might not give you the distinct, home-y feeling you desire.

But That’s Where You’re Wrong

If you want your home to have a sleek, secure, classy look that exudes elegance, with a bit of coziness thrown in, gray is your shade!

The Dark Sensuality of Gray

Gray can indeed be quite sensual if you put your mind to it. Think of gray as the booster that takes the ferocity of red and that of black to a whole new level without making it starkly ‘sexy’. Gray by design is dignified and refined.

Using it as the main feature with a combination of other shades such as gold, hues of brown, green, pink, red will not only bring out its qualities, it’ll add to it. Aside from black, gray should be your color if you want to design the ultimate bachelor pad, or a mature space where you can work from, but can also bring someone for some cozy times.

The Cozy Intimacy of Gray

Coziness and intimacy isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you think of gray. But let’s dig a little deeper. Imagine a primarily gray room, with a few touches of natural brown. Some paintings hang on the wall in neutral contrasting shades, personal elements strewn about. The coziness comes from the inconspicuous, contemporary style of the color.

Gray signifies intelligence and maturity, but it also signifies security. Gray in a personal space turns it into a sanctuary, a place that’s inspires you but comforts you at the same time.

We Love Gray!

If you take a look at the many projects we’ve done over the years, you’ll notice that we’ve used gray quite a few times here and there!

Mostly because our clients love gray, but with this color, what helps is its neutral quality! In short, gray goes with everything.

And for a home remodeling company in NY that values elegance, gray stands as the perfect shade that inspires us to create even more beautiful styles in interior design.