A Tinge of Rose Gold — Adding Metal Accents in Your Home

The prospect of adding metallic accents in interior design can indeed be challenging, but worth it if you know how to add some balance to it. Glamorous and beautiful, metallic décor adds a wonderful element of luxury to the overall look.

However, it can be very easy to mess the idea up. Mainly because in the quest to make your home look more futuristic, you may end up with gaudy décor!

Here are some ways you can add some metallic touches to your home, without worrying about the flashy shine and tinsel!

– Always Be Subtle

Think of metallic accents as the bow that ties the whole thing together. You don’t need a lot of it; just enough so that your home’s design scheme is enhanced but remains neutral and balanced.

Combining a touch of gold to warm toned décor, or adding metals to rustic décor can make the design look very classy, but only if this metal element isn’t added to an already colorful setting.

Glittery pillows, garish lamps and shiny, velvet wallpaper will just not mix!

– Mix it up

If you’re up for mixing metals, one way you could make use of the different tones and colors is by playing them off each other to add some texture and dimension to your space.

For example, even if you have all stainless steel appliances, you could still add some brilliant gold or black-iron accents to give the area some life. However, be advised that if you’re only using the space on a short-term basis, you’ll need to stay away from mixing metals.

Remember; you might like this eclectic look, but others might not.

– Know Where to Use Different Metals

There’s nothing more sterile than an entire house that uses the same metal elements in each room. Even if you want to take a simplistic, classic approach to home décor, this doesn’t mean you can’t play with other metals and add some exciting elements to the overall design.

A minimalist living room with soft light hardwood floors could do with some gold side mirrors or maybe brass lamps for that added element of glamour.

– Add Some Shimmer to it

Silver and gold filigree wallpaper, a shimmery painted ceiling, mirrored furniture—there are many ways through which you can add that lux-factor to a room.

But remember to not go too overboard. A metallic feature wall is fine. A complete metallic wallpapered room with some shiny light fixtures and a chandelier is not!

– Know Your Placement

Instead of scattering the different metallic decoration pieces, one way you could make this metal accent the star of the show is by adding a bold, flashy centerpiece like a light hanging or metallic furniture.

For rooms that don’t have a lot of light, add the piece to the center so there’s a source of brightness. For rooms that have a lot of light, try adding it to a corner so there’s no glare from the metal.

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