Planning on having your kitchen remodeled this year? Don’t settle for design ideas that have fizzled out and will give your kitchen an old fashioned look! With these 3 remodeling trends, you can create a beautiful kitchen space for your home while keeping up with the latest styles. Moody Hues

The interior design world loves drama. But not in the sense you may think. For anyone in the décor world, our thirst for drama is usually satisfied with elements and tones that snap, crackle and pop, metaphorically speaking. A few years ago, it was rose gold and brass fittings that

For an interior designer (especially one based in NYC), gray is more than just a secondary shade of color that’s kind of boring and a little too serious. On par with royal blue, gray is perhaps one of the most popular shades ever to be used in interior design. Taking the

The contract is signed and the team is set to arrive. You’ve booked NYLoft for a home remodeling project and you’re feeling positively giddy with anticipation. Once the project gets underway, you’ll feel more assured that you’re on the right path. But what should you expect in the initial days?

2005 was the year of the US housing bubble, which brought with it the concept of house flipping. This involves taking a rundown house, renovating it, and selling it in the same year. But then, the bubble burst. Property prices dropped and homes lost immense value. Thankfully though, the American economy

Very much in the way that Joey Tribbiani’s DIY endeavors came back to bite him in the hit TV series, F.R.I.E.N.D.S, you don’t want to start re-tiling your bathroom floor yourself, only to realize that you’ve taken on more than you can handle. But even if you were to hire a